CARMA®Ruby AzalinaTM
discover the fourth dimension

After 80 years of creating world-class Swiss chocolate from milk, dark and white chocolate, we’re proud to present the fourth chocolate category – Ruby, real Swiss sensation.

  • A fresh hint of berry sourness
  • Creamy, smooth-melting texture
  • Unique ruby colour
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Ruby AzalinaTM - Swiss Edel Couverture

“This CARMA® couverture is a true world novelty and a class of its own. The secret lies in selecting rare Ruby cocoa beans and in unlocking their naturally occurring fruit flavor and colour tone. Combined with our creamy Swiss milk it is a pure chocolate delight. Mastered to perfection.”

Joel P., Head of the CARMA® CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ Center Master of Swiss Edel Couvertures

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Taste the difference

Ruby is after white, milk and dark, the 4th chocolate category and is not only a gift from nature, but a unique taste experience for chocolate lovers.

And our Ruby AzalinaTM40% created by our chocolate masters here in Switzerland, harnesses the unique natural qualities of ruby cocoa beans to produce an extraordinary new taste for chocolatiers, pastry chefs, confectioners and bakers all over the world.

Combining intensely berry-fruity flavours with surprising fresh sour notes and a unique ruby colour, Ruby AzalinaTM 40% opens up a whole new world of creative chocolate-craft possibilities.

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The world’s finest ruby cocoa beans

From the way we source and select our rare ruby beans, to our expert Swiss production techniques, we’ve been able to create a unique new couverture that captures the intense flavour and colour of ruby chocolate, with absolutely no added colours or flavours.

Grown in traditional chocolate territories such as Brazil, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast, our exquisite ruby cocoa beans are brought to life in our Zurich factory, following the art of Swiss chocolate craftsmanship.

Thanks to a global collaboration between the Barry Callebaut research & development team and the Jacobs University, over 175 years of cocoa sourcing and manufacturing expertise has gone into creating ruby chocolate – not to mention over a decade of our own development to unleash the unique colour and flavour characteristics of the finest ruby beans

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Product details

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Flavour Profile
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With no added colours or flavours

The ruby cocoa bean produces an intense fruity aroma, uniquely sour notes and, of course, the stunning ruby colour.

So with such extraordinary natural characteristics in the ruby beans, we never add flavour or colour to our Ruby AzalinaTM 40% - so you can experience the true flavour of this incredible chocolate.

Then, by blending this unique ingredient with the richness of our Swiss milk, we create couvertures with an exceptionally soft and creamy texture - guaranteeing you the finest product for everything from classic recipes to adventurous new applications.

CARMA® sources only UTZ-certified cocoa – for sustainable farming techniques and better futures for cocoa farmers and their families.

Our creation, inspiring yours

From classic recipes to bold new creations, our Ruby Azalina 40% offers the quality and flexibility for you to get inspired.

Whether it’s harnessing the intense ruby colour, or pioneering new recipes built around the unique flavour, this is your opportunity to be amongst the first to step into chocolate’s fourth dimension.

Just as stunning when paired with rosé champagne, port or goat’s cheese, ruby chocolate brings both sweet and savoury dishes to life in a unique way – giving you the freedom to create something that looks, smell and tastes like nothing you’ve experienced before.

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